Et Teneo Et Teneor

This piece was originally written for an academic project on October 16, 2017, but soon developed into something meaning much, much more. Prayerfully this can be a blessing to all of you as well! 🙂

Some simple pleasures never cease. Sadly, food is not one of them. One bite at a time. Each delicious mouthful brings you closer to your last bite. Food always finds ways to disappear.

Time also disappears. The future is a mere second away. The present quickly passes into the past. Even some memories eventually fade. Our eternity can be certain, however: salvation never ceases. Nothing compromises our soul’s security when we are held in Christ.

A friend’s grandmother recently reached her 51st anniversary. She celebrated alone. People pass on too. Her memories—a shy meeting, her courtship, their first kiss—are bittersweet recollections. Now grief is one of her closest companions. Grief is a sign. It’s the realization you found someone worth loving. Someone you dared to love. Grief results from our love.

If love is constant—and it is; and if love brings grief—and it does; then grief is natural. But if loving can bring such pain, is it really a pleasure? Is it not better to live life unloving? Maybe. To never experience the tears of rejection—yet never truly understand the relief of acceptance. To never clasp the hand of a loved one dying—nor ever find a strong, loving hand encouraging yours. You weigh life in your mind. Love is worth the risk in mine.

We need love. People need love. And when loved ones pass before us it hurts. We want to die too. Grief comes as a painful reminder that we have loved. And we remember our memories together—both the happy and sad memories. Life with love was good. Yet our love has not died; it continues long after the recipient has traveled on. Love continues in the form of grief.

Some simple pleasures press on. Love grows. Grief follows. And so we press on. It’s bittersweet living this short thing called life. But love is constant because we are held by One called Love. And that Love goes on, and on, and on….


Dedicated to Celeste’s Mamaw and Pop Paw


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