Staying on Target

“That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God.” Colossians 1: 10

I have a bucket list. To name a few things, I want to see Niagara Falls, roam the Amazons, visit the Grand Canyon, water ski, hike in the mountains, and attend the Les Miserables 50th Anniversary in London. (By the way, although 2035 sounds like an eternity, it is only 17 years away.)

Those goals are all achievable. They do require planning and much, much, much financial saving. But it would be rather unrealistic and incredulous of me to suppose I could fulfill that bucket list this year (with the exception of the Les Miserables’ s 50th anniversary, of course). I would need to rob a bank! And then I would go to prison for fulfilling my dreams. An ironic ending to my blissful plans.

This year we won’t do everything. Face it, we are not able to control our time or circumstances. But we should still prioritize.

What’s really important to you this year? One week has already passed by of this new year and if you are not careful, another year will be gone before you have your life together.

This year I want to walk worthy of the Lord. But can my life really please the Lord if it is a wreck? Probably not.

We’ve got to start walking now in the right direction. And we’ve got to stay on target.

How was your first week of devotions and prayer time? Did you witness to anyone? Did you even think about the gym? Have you been to church yet? Have you encouraged anyone this week? Have you been saying “no!” to chips and caffeinated beverages?

Yeah, I’m still working on those too.

One week down, Folks. Only 51 more weeks to go. Let’s stay faithful and keep our eyes on the goal.

After all, bucket lists don’t make themselves.


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