When Enough Is Enough

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” ~J.R.R. Tolkien

Food is one of my favorite pleasures. Sometimes it’s a sin how much I love devouring pizza, rice, potatoes, pastas, and brownies.

Devouring delicious food and getting that satisfactory rush in your mouth as the symphony of flavors serenades your tongue never ceases to be amazing. Ever. Often the flavor alone compels me to eat more and more and more until my stomach suddenly feels ready to explode.

It’s a rather painful–yet frequently repeated–sensation.

Hey, don’t judge: you stuff your face too.

Sometimes we don’t stop when enough is enough.

As a senior in college, I have seen many friends pursue relationships.

Gasp. Yes, I have friends.

Take it from one who has seen many tears and breakups and engagement announcements: it’s rough being single.

I often wonder if I am doing something wrong or if others have secret love potions stashed away in their rooms. I mean, is something that wrong with me? Maybe I don’t have a perfect figure, superb hairstyles, perfected makeup, and that charming personality. I’ll admit it: I might not quite fit the classification of “normal.”

Oh, and then we all have that friend or relative who periodically asks why you still aren’t in a relationship. Then they inevitably give their supportive advice: “Well, there are so many fish in the sea, you just need to pray more and start casting your nets on the other side of the boat.” They nod their heads emphatically. “Don’t be discouraged: get out there and start mingling.”

(Tip: faithful reminders of someone’s single status aren’t exactly godly exhortations of encouragement.)

“Are you even looking?” they probe.

Oh, honey: single doesn’t equal stupid. And a contented heart does not equal a blind eye: I still notice handsome faces.

But when I’m doubting my own looks, personality, and future plans, I need the constant reminder that God sends everything in His time. Just be patient, Maddy.

Anyway, as I sat pondering on my bunk bed, I asked myself why I sometimes feel so alone.

I mean, I have the Holy Spirit, God’s Word, godly friends, and endless opportunities of communion with my Father. Isn’t that enough–daily access to the One Who hears, knows, and sees all?

That’s more than what Abraham, Joseph, and Moses had in the olden days when they followed God’s leading into far lands; that’s more than what Esther had when she took a deep breath and whisked before the king to plead the lives of her people; and that’s more than what Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had when they declared they would obey the Lord before they stooped to worship the king’s idol.

The same God Who lived yesterday, lives today, and will live forever was alive back in Bible days. He was the faith in Abraham, Joseph, and Moses’ steps to follow the Lord’s leading; He gave Esther the courage to speak before the king; and He was the protector of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego when they were thrown in the fiery furnace.

I think that God–Who is also my God–is still enough today.

Then I asked myself why God doesn’t always seem enough for me.

But He is.

I don’t always live like He is enough because I am not always content: I lose sight of Who is really enough when I think of my own wants and goals.

Just like I have that tendency to grab an extra slice of pizza (ok, maybe two extra slices) I need to recognize when enough is enough.

What is enough?

Let me suggest that God is all we really need. He chooses to sprinkle in extra blessings as our extra portion. For example, I have friends, godly parents, three siblings, a supportive family, and an amazing church. That’s not including my caring teachers and supervisors, books, clothes, and a host of other things.

Honestly, my plate is already filled with God’s goodness. I shouldn’t get too greedy.

My desires and ambitions must be curbed and harnessed before they develop into discontentment–like a devouring appetite.

I am single.

But I am also greatly blessed.

It’s time for me to start chewing on that thought. For now, it’s enough.


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