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The Super Heroes of Our Success

“Heroes get remembered but legends never die.” ~Babe Ruth

Are all heroes really remembered?

As a military brat, the reality of soldiers going off into war is something still fresh in my mind. As Americans, it is our privilege to thank them for pouring out their time, sacrificing relationships, and investing their physical strength into keeping us safe.

But what other heroes often live unknown and forgotten? Let’s be realistic: not all heroes wear shocking costumes or even have super names. And not all heroes will earn a six-figure reward or will even boast a pat on the back.

Sometimes the heroes around us are silent. They complete their tasks for today and wonder what tomorrow will hold.

After reminiscing, memories arise of certain individuals who have prepared me for success. Those who have stimulated a craving for super roles and who have attempted to discipline me for the paths of success.

I am trying to acknowledge another group of heroes—the ones who live around us and personally pour their efforts into us. The ones who showed us the door of success and made us crave it—through our training of tears, sleepless nights, and a few hundred critical remarks. They are our teachers, parents, counselors, youth leaders—you name them. They have our backs. They support us around the clock in our darkest heartbreaks and in our wildest surprises.

They are real heroes too. And they are our heroes.

I’ve got a few in my life. If you think a little, I guarantee you will find a few heroes in your life too.

Heroes get remembered—sometimes. But if we learn our lessons, apply them, and pass them on, then our teachers will be legends.


And legends never die.

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