Breaking Boxes: Sizing Up Life


We all have them.

We don’t always acknowledge their presence, but we keep them.


They serve multiple purposes: holding memories, hiding treasures, or harboring clutter. Whether a box is protecting a diamond or keeping toys from collecting dust, a box’s true value is determined by what it contains.

Throughout this year we’ll identify specific boxes in our lives that hold our fears, goals, relationships, and time. With each box I’ll share some personal things. Why? I’m so glad you asked! Here are 3 reasons:

#1. Honesty

I’m not perfect. And let’s face it: we all struggle in specific areas. But the first step for successfully moving forward is admitting a flaw.

#2. Accountability

Not that I expect most of you to call me out on my box-breaking goals; but by sharing my goals with you, I remind myself and accept that some of you will text, message, and comment on my goals’ progress.

#3. Encouragement

None of us are in this alone. Never ever forget that. We all struggle; and personally I struggle even more with freely admitting what I am struggling with.




We all know it’s a struggle to manage our time; but often what really helps me is pinpointing my priorities from minor activities and resolving to place my priorities on their true hierarchy. It’s the same with my other struggles. Sometimes I don’t go the extra mile to pinpoint and resolve the true priories.

But this is 2019, y’all!

It’s time to pinpoint our issues now and resolve to work on them.


My mentor asked me a tough question this past week. It was simple, but hard to put in words.

She asked, what are the top 5 priorities in your life? Or what 5 principles or motivations would define your decisions?

It took me a whole weekend to digest, pray, order, reorder, and write out my top 5 life priorities.

I’ll share mine, and I challenge you to think and pray this week over what 5 principles prioritize your life.

(Knowing our priorities will help us know at a glance what does and what does not belong in a glamoured box.)

1. Living Holy

2. Walking in Love

3. Joyfully Obeying

4. Serving others

5. Peacefully Content

Prayer: Dear Father, I pray that you would help us each to daily evaluate and pinpoint our priorities. Help us to acknowledge the ones that should not be priorities, and give us the strength and diligence to fix them. Thank you for loving us first and making us a top priority by dying on the cross for our sins. We love you, in Jesus Name, Amen.


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