Enchanted: Letting Go of Prince Charming

Earlier last year I shared my thoughts on kissing a frog and wishing for a prince to magically appear.

Let’s face it: whether you would kiss a frog or fight an army of ruffians to prove your love, we all just want someone who makes us feel…well, appreciated.

Let’s looks at Giselle from Disney’s Enchanted.

(And if you haven’t noticed, I reference a lot of romantic movies. Especially Disney. But hang on, guys–I haven’t forgotten about y’all.)

To be honest, I was rolling my eyes during the first 5 minutes of the movie. Another true love story. Ha. So realistic. Then I watched as Giselle was duped into a whole new world, with a fantastic point of view. (See what I did there?) A world with real decisions, unusual problems, and a new friend. A world with Robert.

Now, since we’re being transparent: Robert and Flynn Rider are probably my two favorite Disney men. Robert is realistic, a little romantic; but overall, he does his best to ensure that he does not get burned.

Robert is not a Prince Charming–at first. Instead he fights to keep his own emotions contained. As honorable as that sounds, his motives were selfish: he doesn’t want to accept change.

But before we rebuke Robert, let’s fast forward to the gut-wrenching dance scene with John Mclaughlin’s “So Close.” By then, both Giselle and Robert knew that they were in love with the other. Yet neither acted on breaching the subject because they assumed the other was not interested and hey: both were practically engaged.

Both were also willing to forgo their own happiness to provide the other’s happiness.

They were willing to let go of the spouse of their dreams.

That’s love: selfless. Silently shouting from the shadowy dance floor up to the highest tower in New York City.

When you meet your Prince Charming or your Princess Bride, will you be willing to let them go?

I don’t want to climb a tower and slay a dragon; and I don’t want to eat any poison apples to forget my Prince.

But I am willing to take a trip to the real world of sorrows and unexpected adventures–if that means my Robert is one step closer to catching me.


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