8 Reasons Why Pizza is My Bae

First of all, there is no reason why pizza can’t be your Bae. I hear people talk about their celeb crushes (who have no idea they even exist) as their Bae.

According to the urban dictionary, “Bae” is an endearing pronunciation of babe; used as both a pronoun and adjective.

Some use it as an acronym for “before anyone else.” Others on the internet apparently think it means baby, sweetie, girlfriend, etc. Other acronyms include “bacon and eggs,” and “basically always eating.”

Umm, obviously all these definitions work because pizza is delicious and diverse??

Do we even need reasons?

Whether you need these reasons or not, or are just a fan of pizza, I must warn you: this post may get a little saucy. But it will certainly be cheesy!

#1. I love the symphony of flavors and textures.

From the crust to the toppings, there are unlimited combinations! From the deep dish, extra cheese, meat lovers’ combo to the thin crust, pesto sauce, vegetarian combo. There’s pizza with all sorts of meat (including corned beef??) and pizzas with Mac and cheese. Whether you love meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables, or simply love everything, pizza has something for you!

#2. Pizza slice emojis mean I love you.

Obviously. You have to love someone to share your pizza with them!

#3. We have great memories together.

From New Jersey food trips, to late night Super Mario Smash Bros duels, to making pizza with my mom in the kitchen, pizza and I go way back. We have a history together unlike most other food groups–besides bacon and fries, but we aren’t talking about them right now.

#4. Pizza makes me so happy.

Pizza. Sigh.

#5. It’s a compliment when someone says they love you like they love pizza.

Enough said.

#6. It satisfies that guilty pleasure.

You know what I mean. The kind you get from eating potato chips, bacon, or tacos. Pizza covers it all! Pizza warms the heart and fulfills even the guiltiest of cravings.

#7. Pizza checks off every checklist.

Dairy? Check. Oils? Protein? Grains? Fruit? Duh: tomatoes (and pineapple for us special saints). Veggies? Okay, just add mushrooms or onions–I’m not saying you Have to add spinach…

#8. Pizza makes me a better person.

Pizza gives me that emotional connection with others. Pizza helps me grow deeper on so many different levels. When I call my bestie up and say I love her so much I would share a slice of pizza with her; when I adamantly and tactfully defend pizza as one of the best foods, I am increasing both my argumentative skills and my intellectual capabilities; or when I buy a pizza to shed a smile on a friend’s face; these are just a few reasons why pizza makes me a better person–to my friends, for myself, and for the world.


Reasons why pizza is my bae–and should be yours too!

Celeste, this is for you! 🐉



Comment your favorite toppings or least favorite combinations!


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