Why, God? Why?

So we’ve noted that our theme for this year is Breaking Boxes–discovering and unlocking personal priorities and habits.

Today I want to share something that I’ve been struggling with for the past few months.

“Why” is a big deal to me. “Why” answers provide assurance and trust, and establish credibility in making decisions.

But sometimes I find myself questioning everyone–including God–and asking Him the “why?” questions.

“Why do you allow pain and sadness?”

“Why did you allow me to have this heart condition?”

“Why am I still single?”

“God, why did you give me these problems??”

Don’t act all holy and righteous: it’s just us thinking out loud.



A long time ago there was a remarkably rich man who had seven kids, a wife, and a prosperous life. I mean he had lots of cattle, sheep, money, friends, his health–everything.

And then the unexpected happened.

His kids died.

His wealth was stolen.

And his body was inflicted with painful, oozing boils.

His perfect life transformed into painful shards in an instant.

By now you know I’m talking about Job.

And you probably remember how God let Job stay afflicted for a time, and also humiliated by his own friends.

And you recall that God spoke to Job from a whirlwind.

God revealed Himself in several storms.

Let’s take Elijah the Toshbite.

Here’s a man who is at the top of his spiritual career. He’s just proven to Israel that Jehovah alone is God, and ordered the destruction of the pagan priests. And as a result of their momentary spiritual return, rain is restored and the land is refreshed.

But Queen Jezebel is furious that her priests have been slain, and she demands Elijah’s head.

What was supposed to be a victorious moment turned into a full retreat for his life.

Elijah fled into the wilderness and left his servant behind. Although Elijah is begging to die, the Lord sends an angel that refreshes him.

Then the Lord leads him on another journey. One with an earthquake. A fire. And a storm. And then came the still, small voice.

In the midst of turmoil, confusion, and pain, God reveals Himself as more than a genie God.

He reveals himself as the sovereign, supreme strength who has a plan.

But we don’t always know His plan.

Consider Lazarus.

Jesus delayed in coming to heal his friend. Yet he wept at his grave?

A contradiction perhaps? No.

We see both the compassionate and sovereign Creator.

He delayed that they might see Lazarus brought back to life.

Sometimes God allows us to go through the storms so that we can see His power and better understand His heart.

Other times we won’t see the big picture or even understand why things have happened. But we can see that God in his sovereignty knows best.

As Job said, “I will lay my hand upon my mouth.” [Job 40:4b]

Consider: What are you asking God “Why” about? Have you lately reflected on his sovereignty and power? What storm are you going through in order for the Lord to show His plan?

Prayer: Dear Father, thank You for being in control of my life. I don’t know why these troubles, pains, and situations keep popping up, but You do. You have a purpose in all this. Help me to better trust You in my moments of doubt. Help me to fully rely upon You as my strength. Lord, increase my faith. Thank You for Your living examples that remind me of Your love and power. In Jesus Name, Amen.


9 thoughts on “Why, God? Why?”

  1. God’s plan might not seem to be in our best interest but the amazing thing about is that it is exactly what we need. Just because we encounter a storm doesn’t mean there is not a loving God, everything has a purpose, even our storms.

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