Dear Younger Me: Live Life

Dear Younger Madison:

Girl, don’t you dare miss out! I don’t have time to tell you all the future details, because I’m enjoying this fuller life you said you never would have. I won’t disclose all the details, but I will tell you: it won’t be easy.

You’ll have health struggles. Dad will battle cancer. Family issues are really going to test your prayer life. But you’re going to meet some people.

Several of them are going to make it onto your record of life long friendships. These kindred spirits–don’t be afraid to open up to them–and hug them for as long as you have them.

Others won’t stay long and will only cause some pain and confusion–learn from them. And quite a few others will only write significant lines in your life. Write their lines in bold, Mads. (That’s a future nickname, btw.)

No one in your life is insignificant–make each relationship count.

You’re going to meet your best friend. She’ll be the unexpected answered prayer to a desperate college student. You won’t know it at first. She’s spunky. Crazy. And she’s all about dragons, fries, and loving the Lord. And Sheeran. And Harry.

And she’ll need you just as much as you need her. Pray for her daily, and send her random memes and gifs. (Yes, yes: you’ll eventually have your own smart phone. An iPhone above all things.)

If you just take one day at a time and stay in God’s Word, you’ll have a smoother ride.

But since you won’t be as faithful as you should, I remind you to never quit.

Get back up. Beg for forgiveness. Make each moment last. Forgive others. Pray more. Live more. Love most.

And the most amazing part?

The best is yet to be….I don’t even see the whole picture yet, but this slice of life is worth the trials, pain, tears, you will face.

So keep on.

Don’t quit.

Live more.

Love most.


Dance in the rain while you can, and please, please, keep on writing.

Don’t question me. You’ll thank me later.

Keeping A Smile and Prayer Handy,

~Madison Rafael

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