Getting to Know Me

Today, I just wanted to share a few details about myself in the hopes that you get to know me better, and also boost personal self-confidence about being raw in my own skin.

So unapologetically: this is me!

#1. I enjoy trying new foods. But my favorite foods are pizza, bacon, and fries.

#2. I like reading and writing fiction, poetry, historical nonfiction, and devotionals.

#3. My favorite color is sunshine yellow. What can I say: it reminds me of the sun.

#4. Autumn is my favorite season. The special teas, seasonal candles, variety in leaves, and crisp breeze hinting at future snow and splendid sunsets. What is not to love about autumn?

#5. I prefer sunsets over sunrises. It’s a sign that I’m soon retiring into my warm bed. Yeah, I do like my sleep.

#6. I am the third of four children. Girl, boy, girl, boy. I still enjoy alternating patterns and evenly-divided digits.

#7. I chose my favorite NFL team in high school based upon their helmets. Now, I follow the shining stars worn by the Dallas Cowboys.

#8. I was raised as a military brat. Once a brat always a brat–I know, I know, I’ve heard that phrase a thousand times.

#9. I’m an introvert who loves learning about people. Or maybe I’m plain nosy? Either way, I momentarily leave my shell and explore the innermost facts and experiences of others.

#10. Edgar Allen Poe and William Shakespeare are two of my favorite authors. Why? Obviously they both penned vivid tales focusing on death, love, and betrayal; yet their thrilling word choices still send shivers of suspense or sarcasm racing through my brain.

So now you know a little more about me.

That’s great–but I’m still curious about my readers.

Ok, nosy. 😁

Anyway, I would be delighted to hear some fun facts about you! Please share a fun fact about yourself in the comments!

~Mads 💛🍕


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