Fries and Friends

Relationships are one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind.

The next best gift is undoubtedly the potato. 

If I could choose just one food item to live on for the rest of my life, I would lovingly accept my destiny with potatoes. 

Breakfast? Hash browns.

Lunch? French fries.

Dinner? Bacon fries. 

Accept it: potatoes fit every meal, every mood, and every man. 

Just as potatoes are diverse and adaptable for any time and occasion, I am thankful for the invaluable relationships in my life that complete every situation and life change.

Whether I need a laugh, someone to share a romantic movie, or merely chat about life’s issues, God has provided me with the best relationships I could ever ask for. 

Take my Gryffindor bestie for example. We share passions in literature, writing our personal stories, loving God, and a burden to impact the following generations. 

Here’s the twist: she resents Shakespeare while I admire his word plays. She loves black, (which might be the real reason we are besties–I am joking, of course!) while sunshine yellow is my favorite color. 

We complete each other in our own ways.

When she is going through a dark time, I listen to her fears, her worries, and her concerns. I cry with her. Pray with her. And if possible or conducive, I try to draw forth a smile.

There is a time for everything. A time for laughing, a time for crying, a time for learning, a time for praying, and a time for cooking–especially potatoes. 

A true friend is not only with you in your high moments, but also in the moments when words fail because one of you is too busy choking back tears. 

A true friend is not only with you in the giddy moments, but also in the moments when you are in deep despair.

Friends endure all seasons. 

Personally, a true friend is one who you are willing to share your fries with. Keeping full transparency, I don’t share my fries with just anyone.

We’re talking about fries! A basic life food. A reliable source of happiness and comfort.

If food is part of life (accept my humble and adamant submission that it certainly is), then you should be quite careful who you entrust with your life. 

Be careful who gets a taste of your life.

I learned that the hard way this past week.

In a nutshell, be careful of strangers who read over your shoulder in the store, on a plane, or in a train. Guard your laptops, phones, and tablets–you never know who could be watching. *End of my service announcement.*

Every relationship, whether meeting a total stranger, snarky relative, or moody coworker, serves a purpose in your life.

Look for the lifeblessons, remembering that not all relationships are meant for close friendships.

Fries are great. Friends are better.  

Guard and treasure them while you can.

Both are treasures that should not be easily or quickly tossed away. I will fight to the end to get the last french fry or bite of potato salad. Yet my friends and family will always be the main course I protect.

Just as potatoes are fit for every meal, every menu, and every man, I am thankful for the relationships that complete me during every life season.

I am also glad that every relationship serves a purpose in my life–whether or not they are short or long lived relationships.

Keeping A Smile and Prayer Handy, 

~Mads 😁💙



 Dedicated to “Star Dust”