A verb or adjective.

Describes an object or person who is prosperous, successful, or fortunate. To grow or develop vigorously.


That’s my goal for 2020, as we start this second month of a new decade. I’m ready for new beginnings.

I’ll be honest: I don’t like setting new year resolutions. Not only do I often set unrealistic expectations, but I also rarely keep them.

Last year I set a checklist of goals that I intended to keep. It was a short list with 5 items. Guess how many I achieved? Barely 2.

So this year I’ve decided not to make resolutions. Oh, I have things I want to do. But I refuse to end 2020 in bitter frustration. Instead, I bound my entire year’s desire within a single word.

That’s right: one word.


I don’t want to just do well or survive this year; I want to flourish, prosper, and develop as a Christian, sister, performer, writer, woman, sunbeam, and baker. Every aspect of my life needs to grow.

How can I ever hope to achieve that task? I’m so glad you asked!

I’ll be honest: this year is an adventure–and I invite you to trek it with me.

I won’t be posting weekly. Occasionally I’ll just share a few thoughts from a day–or something that I’ve noticed sprouting from this desire to grow.

All the same, I hope you’ll come along and grow with me as we tackle this journey together.

Let’s go 2020!

Let’s THRIVE–together!

Consider: Have you chosen a word or short phrase to encompass your yearly goal? What word or phrase did you choose?

Life is not a speed race. A fight, yes; a marathon, certainly; but life is about the moments that culminate into your overall journey.

Challenge: Don’t count your minutes–experience the moments.

First, honestly evaluate your true priorities, such as your relationships, money, health, work, leisure, etc.

Second, prioritize your priorities. It won’t be easy, but you’ll grasp a clear idea of where you will spend your time.

Third, live out those moments that matter most to you.

Prayer: Father, thank you for holding all time in your hands. The past, present, and the future. You know what lies ahead, and you’ve forgiven my past. Help me to rely upon your strength in the upcoming days. Continue to grow me and draw me closer to your heart. You are my wisdom, my rock, and my shield. Father, help me desire you above all others. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.


6 thoughts on “T H R I V I N G”

      1. If you asked me a week or so ago, I would have said that my word was “Surviving.” I suppose if I had to choose an appropriate one for the year, I’d say “Persistence.” Be persistent in life and all that that entails but also faithfully as Paul wrote to the Corinthians and Timothy.

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      2. That’s a great word to use: persistence. Faithful in the things that God has called us to do, but also trusting that God will continually persist in completing his will though us. What a difference God makes–especially in a week!


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