An Introvert’s Isolation Checklist

Hello there! If you weren’t already aware, the world has been rocked by the corona virus outbreak. I’m not here to give depressing statistics or declare war on the memes.

I’m here sharing 10 personal tips on how to make your home stay more comfortable.

1. Buy appropriate food. Do you honestly like the food? Don’t buy what you won’t eat. Folks, if I may add: some of it should be healthy. Get your protein, veggies, protein, and fruits. (And spam. This is a virus after all.) Something else to consider: what can you make? If bread items have vanished, consider stocking flour, eggs milk, butter, yeast, baking powder, oatmeal, chocolate chips, baking soda, and applesauce. You’re set for bread, cakes, muffins, biscuits, and cookies. I’m a foodie….but I won’t spend more time here. You know what you will and should eat. Strategize.

2. Plan ahead. Seriously? Yes. Don’t make every day a rigid schedule (unless you know that’s exactly what you need). Make a list of all the weekly goals you wish to complete, then allot days to achieve those goals. It’s empowering, and also encouraging wise time consumption.

3. Know your limits. Now, we all have different boundaries. Some of you might spend all day isolated with the same people and begin pulling out your hair; you might need more Josh Groban than conversation; or you might require more socialization than isolation—whatever your social sphere, you need to communicate those perimeters to your fellow inmates—I mean, uh house mates—ASAP. Also, listen to their concerns and boundaries.

4. Release your stress. Just be honest. You have some. We all do. Find ways to positively channel that stress. Write, read, pray, sketch, bake, drink tea, brew coffee, drive, dance to music, work out, go on walks, or re-watch your favorite movies. (No, I didn’t say shows.) Another idea: do something kind for someone else. You don’t have to go all out. But make your gestures count. Diverting attention from yourself to someone else helps both of you.

5. Get out. Seriously. Yes, you can still social distance—I stand with the introverts! But exercise not only helps the mind and body, it can also help your immune system. Go for a walk outside. Enjoy your 6-foot bubble space. Bring a long stick for roaming extroverts. Breathe that fresh air. Just don’t touch outside surfaces. And wash your hands upon re-entering your home. Preferably while singing twice through the chorus of “You Say” by Lauren Daigle.

6. Recharge your mind. Write, read, listen to podcasts, play word-searches, build a puzzle—whatever. You know what recharges you without muddling your mind. Be actively proactive: actively harnessing your productive powers.

7. Connect with your friends. Especially your extroverted friends. They’re really hurting. Introverts, this is our hour. Literally. We have been granted unquestionable approval and social freedom to extend a cone of silence to other people on a daily basis. On the same hand, not everyone else is accustomed to limited personal interactions. Just shoot a quick text, start a small group chat—something! Let others know they are loved and validate their presence. Besides: helping others will brighten your days.

8. Utilize time. Make your days count. You finally have all the days you wished for to do things you wanted to do—so do them! Don’t know where to start? Try self-care options like baking, reading, napping, painting your nails, experimenting with your hair, choosing a podcast, or meditating. If you have urgent goals, then prioritize the truly important ones. The ones you keep putting off. (I promise: I’m talking to myself as much as I am to you!)

9. Remember who you are. You are more than the mistakes, successes, days chilling in bed, and uncompleted projects. You are a loved being. So take one hour at a time.

10. Have. Fun. Seriously. Enjoy these moments. You only get one shot at each day. So take it; live it to the fullest. Just wash your hands and cover that cough—we’re watching!



Aaaand let me know what you are doing during this break. I would love to hear your interesting occurrences, funny stories, or tips.

Stay safe. Be healthy. Love others.

Keeping A Smile and Prayer Handy,

~Mads 😁💙

11 thoughts on “An Introvert’s Isolation Checklist”

  1. Maddy, thanks for the words of wisdom. I am taking your suggestions. Today I helped give out food from our Food Bank to over 80 people. We took precaution by allowing them to remain in their cars as we passed out the bags. We had a great team of about 8 people, and were equipped with face masses for safety. I’ve been doing extra cleaning at home to keep things safe, including wiping door knobs with blech towelettes.
    Be safe and continue the good work you are doing. Love Nana.

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    1. Nanny, thanks for reading and sharing! Glad to hear that you were able to help over 80 people. We’ve been doing extra cleaning as well. Glad to hear all is going well with you both! Love you!


      1. Well thank goodness for that! (Not the sleep or sanity part. Or the memories if they were bad. Or the frustration obviously.) I admire the honesty though! And I finished college a few years ago. I’m in my last few months of seminary which will be online now.

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      2. Overall, my college experiences were great memories. Online now? Sorry the virus affected your studies. On the bright side, your studies can override any consideration for complacency or socialization.

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      3. That’s good to hear. And yeah, I suppose online is better than nothing. It’s weird that I preached this last Sunday and had a secular job. Now the job’s on hold and churches are urged not to meet. As big of a cesspool the internet can be at times, it is truly a blessing during times like this. It’s comforting that while no one really knows what’s going on right now, God does.

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