The Perfect Dad

Perfect? Not in the truest

Nature of that word. Can

Any mortal claim perfection?

Perfect? Not by a long shot.

You get angry, mess up,

Forget notable details. Honestly:

Who can claim perfection?

Perfect? In the fatherly

Balance your passion,

Attention, and love provide

A perfect…imperfection.

Perfect? Maybe I’m sappy,

Sentimental, or overthinking

All the details; but maybe

Your imperfections perfectly fit?

Dad. That’s the word.

That’s the simple way to

Explain how such imperfections

Perfectly fit one loving man.



✨Happy Father’s Day!✨

Special shout out to my dad: I love you, Daddy!

He’s not perfect; but he’s the perfect father for me.

Is he flawed? Sure.

Is he loving? Yes.

And as a godly, faithful husband he’s set the bar really high for his children. You don’t have to be perfect to set a good example. Seriously. But you do need passion, diligence, and honesty.

To all the fathers in the present and future: you’ll mess up. Admit it. Learn from it. And leave it in the past.

To those missing a father: remember the lessons and experiences learned from them. Be a better father for the future sons.



4 thoughts on “The Perfect Dad”

  1. Beautifully written. Yes, no Dad is perfect but their love for us, their children, makes up for their faults and failures. I’m blessed to still have my dad. Thank you for your words.

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