I Love Amazon

How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways:

I love thee, for thy speedy shipping

And thy careful packaging.

I love thee with all the love of a desperate introvert.

And with my prime account,

I shall but love thee more til death

Do us part. Until time bends

Oh, Amazon: how I love thee!



Unless it’s for food, I prefer online shopping.

Do you prefer online shopping or visiting stores?


3 thoughts on “I Love Amazon”

  1. I Love Amazon too. My cart is currently full since Friday of last week. I’m procrastinating on ordering because I’m not sure if that’s all I need. I too have Prime and absolutely appreciate being able to browse buy and receive so fast. I’m also a proud Introvert. Hello!

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    1. Yess! A fellow introvert! Thanks for sharing your joys of Amazon. 😁 These days, it’s an extra blessing to shop from home. And it’s good to ensure that you ordered everything. A few extra items might magically appear in your cart…🙄 but at least you’ll know you have everything you need! 😆


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