“Poe’s Diet: A Parody”

Once in a while I wonder,

Upon thoughts both long and weary

While my brain does heavy ponder,

Dwelling on past foods sweet and cheery

Alas! I diet forevermore.

Chocolate! Thing of evil or of the devil:

Chocolate, tempting and succulent,

Fill me! I implore one single truffle

But alas! My heart burns as peppermint,

For dieting is forevermore.

And my stomach still is growling

In the rumbles of my soul’s pain

For delights sweet and tempting,

On which I’ll dine never again.

Quoth my diet: “Nevermore!”



Today I sweetened my diet by baking chocolate blueberry muffins.

Regrets? None.

Delights? 24.

Err, 23.



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