Planning in Pencil

Hello, Friends!

It’s been a looong few months since I’ve shared any poetry, thoughts, or inspirations. Today I’m sharing a simple thought.

Plan in pencil.

When we started learning penmanship in kindergarten, teachers gave us these lanky, number two pencils. The ones with stubby erasers.

They didn’t give us pens. Older students with more practiced hands wrote their vocab words with dark colors, carefully not smudging lines on their wrists.

I’ve been planning, living, and breathing this existence for nearly 25 years.

And I still can’t write plans in solid lines.

I can guarantee that all my aspirations, goals, and career choices will NOT follow the carefully mapped dots I’ve charted.

I can guarantee that these dots WILL make a wonderful image after its completion. Not my doing of course—I don’t write well in straight lines.

I ascertain every dot, every erased line, every new direction we undergo is forming a beautiful picture.

Let’s leave the pen for the Master Scribe, okay?

I can’t write my plans in pen. Edits are still required. But I can write in pencil until it’s time to erase some lines, add some dots, and change directions.

What are you planning with—pencil or pen?

How are those plans working out for you?

1 thought on “Planning in Pencil”

  1. If I have learned anything from the past year, it is that the pencil can snap at any moment, leaving us without a writing utensil. Currently, I’m improv-ing life’s script. I feel that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and on the right track. Sending love your way! I know you will succeed in whatever you set your mind to.


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