” I Have A Dream” excerpt

The following lines are snippets from a longer piece I composed earlier in 2021.

They tell me dreams only happen when you’re sleeping, while your mind is in the clouds, and your eyes are shut to the world you’re living in. They say dreams don’t happen in reality. 

But I dare to dream outside the clouds, above the slurs, louder than the voices in my head that tell me the struggle-bus called change is pointless. I want to dream so hard I can see the bus. Struggling. Struggling to climb each hill and every bump tossing me into the air. All the same, that struggle bus is moving–struggles and all.

I want to dream so hard other little girls will be watching my success and will create their own dreams. I want to dare to dream like so many little girls before me–all grown up now–but still dreaming. Like Michelle, Maya, and Amanda. May my only regret be not dreaming big enough, screaming loud enough, and achieving enough of those dreams. 

I have a dream. I dare to dream…because I need others to dream. And I continue to dream because I need dreams to survive. 

A dream no one can take from me–not the voices around me, the jeers behind me, and the whispers inside me–because my dreams are built on hope.

So go on. Keep on that struggle-bus. Get on that bus so painful and slow, sometimes plain hurtful. Just keep struggling on.

You’re getting somewhere. I’m getting somewhere. We are getting somewhere. 

Because together we can dream. 

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