25 Life Lessons

Each year a new yet old phenomenon occurs: I face the reality of aging. I’ve learned life lessons and faced fearful facts to grow into the woman I am today.

Each year I acknowledge that time flew even faster, my back aches more, and youth is ever farther from view.

This year I decided to log a few life lessons. This list isn’t exhaustive by any means. Most lessons listed below I learned in college years and rather recently.

#1 Time mocks everyone

#2 Food is creativity

#3 Wounded people and scarred people are not the same

#4 Everyone has doubts

#5 Your priorities prioritize your time

#6 Tomorrow isn’t the best day

#7 Sometimes your friends are your poison

#8 Dance while you can–especially in the rain

#9 Balance involves falling and getting back up

#10 The best laughs follow heavy tears

#11 True friends don’t require shunning

#12 Naps can save or break you

#13 You can only be you

#14 Communication is key

#15 Fries for all woes

#16 Always dream big and work harder

#17 True friends won’t always say what you want to hear

#18 Family does not always equal friends

#19 You are either your biggest competitor or worst cheerleader

#20 Everyone sees things differently but feels in the same ways

#21 Don’t second guess yourself–only your motives and those of others

#22 If you’re still talking then you aren’t fully listening

#23 Everyone needs help to thrive

#24 Surviving is not equal to thriving

#25 Thriving leaves legacies behind

What lessons have you learned in your earth orbits? Which ones resonated with you?


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