Most birds fly.

We almost expect to see those 2-legged mammals take off and leave the composed layers of soil, rocks, and vegetation.

We almost expect to see every bird fly from tree to tree, or swoop down upon an unsuspecting insect.

But a hawk profiling the sky from on high. An eagle gracefully balancing and exploring the wind currents from dizzying heights. These birds warrant respect and awe from other birds and people alike.

Soaring is a bird of prey’s act of effort, life, and habit.

It’s an act requiring courage, effort, and hope.

I’m afraid to fall when I dream of soaring. Yet I refuse to fail when I am already soaring.

Finding that balance in my work’s wings and my Father’s trust—that’s a leap. Soaring takes effort. It takes a breath and a prayer and a jump and a whiz….and the air is all around. And you either crash or you soar.

Two outcomes. One choice: take a leap.

I’m afraid to fall in life. So I’ll soar instead.

2 thoughts on “Soaring”

  1. You got this, Madison! Defy Gravity!

    “Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly.” – Neil Gaiman.

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