Hey, New Year

Hello, 2022!

I know you’re new here and you’ve got big plans this year. But first: let’s set the rules straight.

People are hoping for an easier year, when the many overwhelming, political, social, and uncomfortable issues dissolve away into our familiar, mundane lifestyle.

People want normalcy again. And the expectations are high for you to fulfill that wish.

Let me tell you off the bat: 2022, don’t you dare disappoint them. Don’t promise them the world. Don’t promise that you’ll take away COVID, bring world peace, or heal diseases. Don’t you dare crush what little hope remains.

People need the truth. Even when it’s uncomfortable.

However, people also need hope and vision. You can’t heal hearts or solve all their issues in a year. That’s not your role anyway, 2022. But you can lay the foundations for healing, growth, and love. You can pick up the shards and help hearts learn to believe again, dare to hope, and begin to feel again.

Here’s the deal, 2022: you can’t do anything this year. That’s not your role. All you need to do is give the people time. Just give them a few hundred days to think, plan, fail, grow, and rework out their problems.

Oh, and 2022? Tell 2021 we won’t forget him. And he’s lucky he left when he did.

We’re watching you, 2022. Remember that.

Now go ahead: give us what time we have.


2 thoughts on “Hey, New Year”

  1. Wonderful and honest post! I agree with what you are saying. It’s been a year, to say the least. I’m sending you healing and success vibes in 2022.

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