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To Schedule or Not Schedule?

I chose using my schedules and not allowing my schedules use me.

We all have faced deadlines, whether in school, spending time with friends, running errands, or simply logging onto a Zoom meeting.

We are all impacted by time, and time influences many decisions.

Can I tap snooze one more time? Must I really take out the garbage this moment? Do I have time to learn a few Mongolian words? Should I meal prep or just eat sandwiches?

Days. Weeks. Years.

The daily habits form patterns for weeks, months, and years ahead.

Why bother making a schedule? What if I still fail in perfectly achieving my day—with all the slotted details, goals, and tasks?

Schedules show me where my time goes and how much time I have available for duties, goals, and leisure.

Schedules never perfected my day. For a long while, I hated scheduling. That is, until I chose using my schedules and not allowing my schedules use me.

Schedules are not a road map, but a highlight of prioritized tasks in a suggested order.

With many tasks on my to-do-list such as Ubering, taking two online classes, packing, and preparing for teaching overseas, I need more organization and prioritization.

If schedules don’t work for you, try making them less rigid as a task master and more flexible as a master tool instead. Make your schedule work for you!

Task master or master tool: how are you using schedules?

Do your prefer writing out your daily schedule, or digitally organizing your day? I’d love to know which you prefer!


2 thoughts on “To Schedule or Not Schedule?”

  1. I love following a schedule. I am a big fan of to-do lists. I tend to use my notes app on my phone or in a google doc. I also will use a post-it note as well and put it on my laptop. This comes in handy when I am working on multiple tasks. Physically writing it down and checking off boxes feels rewarding.

    Something I’ve been implying in my daily schedules is self-care time. Even if it is just 5 minutes of mediation, it’s been so helpful. I forget that in life we need to put on our own mask before helping others.

    Safe travels, by the way! Hope you have a beautiful and enriching experience! Please keep us posted!

    Defy Gravity

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    1. Sticky notes and colored schedules are my go-tos. You’re absolutely right: checking off boxes and scratching out tasks is very rewarding!

      Self care is enriching and vital—glad to hear you’re taking care of physical and emotional health.

      Will keep you all posted on this teaching venture—more adventures ahead!

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