For Such a Time as This

I’ve grappled with many thoughts, emotions, and decisions in the last month.

Admitting they were life changing is a simple observation.

For health and personal reasons, I’ve closed the immediate door to pursuing a dream opportunity overseas. Saying no to making memories in a foreign country, gathering experience as an educator, growing as a woman—this was a painful reckoning.

However I’m still choosing to cherish this season.

I’m in this season for reasons known and unexplained, painful yet purposed, and humbling while maturing.

I’m comforted that seasons only last for a season.

For now, it’s a season of change and preparation.

And in this season, I purpose to grow. To embrace each day and challenge. To brag on my Father’s blessings. And to bloom where I am.

For such a time as this.


2 thoughts on “For Such a Time as This”

  1. I know that this must not have been an easy decision for you. However, as I always say, health comes first. I know incredible opportunities are on the horizon for you. I’m always rooting you on!

    Defy Gravity

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