Choosing Life: Part 1

What does pro-life really mean?

Is it simply about saving the lives of unborn children? Does it include supporting mothers and their babies emotionally, financially, and physically? Or is it about oppressing women?

Thousands of teens, young women, professionals, and unwed women a year unexpectedly get pregnant. It’s not always a safe environment for the infant. The dreams, finances, and living situations are only half the concern.

“I can’t raise a child now—I have no clue what to do.”

“People are going to judge me.”

Amplify that judgement in religious circles. Judging between right and wrong naturally becomes a Pharisaical second nature.

I naively thought choosing life was simply a moral decision.

Until I also considered an abortion.

Choosing life is not an easy, moral decision when you’re in the middle of funding for a trip, personal funds are low, and you realize everything will change.

Personal relationships. Church judgement. Housing. Opportunities.

“You’ve got to do what’s best for you and the baby.”

I almost followed through with an abortion. I recognized the high cost of keeping the child.

After all, I’m the third generation to stumble and have a child outside of marriage. I know firsthand how painful it is to see a sibling not know their natural father.

I almost took the pills. As I contemplated the agonizing pain and intense bleeding to come, I felt I deserved all of it: I was ending a life I would never meet. However I didn’t want to live with that daily guilt.

Wasn’t it easier? Definitely.

Wouldn’t life be less crazy? Probably.

Wouldn’t relations stay intact? Not likely.

I’d daily resent myself and others for my decision. So I contemplated ending both my life and the baby’s.


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