Choosing Life: Part 1

“I naively thought choosing life was simply a moral decision. Until I also considered an abortion.”


For Such a Time as This

I’m comforted that seasons only last for a season. And in this season, I purpose to grow. To embrace each day and challenge. To brag on my Father’s blessings. And to bloom where I am.



I’m looking at looming horizons with renewed vision. Failure is not an option.

Life, Teacher’s Life


I’m daring to explore. I’m daring to persevere. And through this journey abroad, I will grow.


Why Pizza is the Best Romance

Pizza is the best romance. Why? I am so glad you asked!


His Voice

I couldn’t see his face, As I walked through Raging winds and biting rain. But I heard a voice. I couldn’t feel his arms As the chills spread icy Fear and despair. But I could feel his love. I can’t always see your Tear stained face, feel Your all powerful embrace; Yet one trait remains:… Continue reading His Voice