Guest Post: An Open Letter to Churches

Church hurt is real. Guest blogger Aurora Sanders shares why she left her church for another—and warns churches it does and will continue to happen until something drastically changes within.


Choosing Life: Part 1

“I naively thought choosing life was simply a moral decision. Until I also considered an abortion.”



I’m looking at looming horizons with renewed vision. Failure is not an option.

Life, Teacher’s Life


I’m daring to explore. I’m daring to persevere. And through this journey abroad, I will grow.


25 Life Lessons

Every year I realize I’m growing closer to achieving ripe old age. Scary thought, huh? Maybe. But only if I’m not learning along the way.

Here are 25 lessons I’ve learned in my two and a half decades.


” I Have A Dream” excerpt

The following lines are snippets from a longer piece I composed earlier in 2021. They tell me dreams only happen when you're sleeping, while your mind is in the clouds, and your eyes are shut to the world you’re living in. They say dreams don’t happen in reality.  But I dare to dream outside the… Continue reading ” I Have A Dream” excerpt


24 Reasons I’m Thankful

In these turbulent times, we can still count our blessings. I’m stopping at 24 things—but the list continues. What are you thankful for?