When She Meets Prince Charming

I don’t think I could ever kiss a frog. I don’t really even want to kiss a frog. Maybe some girls in the past have managed to secure a prince in the bargain, but is it that hard to find a prince these days? Does it have to be a frog? What if I kissed a toad?

A few weeks ago I met a young man named Boaz. I rejoiced my name was not Ruth! Of course that would signify nothing…

Sometimes I catch myself wondering over and over, “What if my prince never comes? What if I missed him somehow and I never get another chance?”

Back to Disney. I think of poor Snow White singing by the well: “I’m wishing, for my prince to come to find me today!”

I would like him to come soon, but I don’t want to be singing by a well or sleeping on the couch until he awakens me from my dream and we fulfill our destiny and live happily ever after.

Ummm, no. I’m alive now! Why don’t I do something–what about living? Is that too confusing?

I wish my prince would come, but I don’t want to wait around until he comes. Life matters now, and there are plenty of people who still need a smile, a meal buddy, and a prayer partner. And I will Not kiss a frog in hopes that my prince has only been enchanted. Nah.

Ruth was at work when she caught Boaz’s attention. He saw her character: diligence, compassion, self-lessness, and a desire to do right. And if I met a Boaz in Walmart, I could meet my prince anywhere. He likely won’t be a real prince–which is great: I won’t have paparazzi following me the rest of my life.

But I’m already from royal family: my Father is The King. And since I’m looking for a fellow follower and lover of Christ, whatever man my Father sends will be a prince.

Yeah. Take that Disney. If I listen to my Father and keep working in His fields, I’m going to marry a prince no matter what…if it’s His will that I marry.

Either way, I am not kissing a frog.

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