Jump Start

Happy New Year!!

Congrats: you survived another year!

I think we can all admit that this past year wasn’t perfect, and we made mistakes. But we also need to remember lessons learned throughout this year.

Life keeps moving as time continually spins her webs of seconds, days, and years.

How will you live this next year of life?

What will you choose:

  • Living In Fearful Expectations?
  • Living In Fearless Embarkment?
  • Living In Faithful Endeavors?

This year, I’m setting goals and sharing them to hold myself accountable.


#1 Give more selflessly

#2 Read through the entire Bible

#3 Be more vulnerable in my relationships

#4 Use my tongue wisely

#5 Refuse to entertain fear

#6 Write more




As we embrace 2019, I ask you to evaluate what you enjoyed about 2018 and what you wish you could have done differently.

Find your motivation to press on for a better you, a stronger Christian walk, and make a dramatic difference this year.

As we start a fresh new year, let me introduce you to my new theme for 2019: Breaking Boxes.

I want to discuss and point out things that personally distract me or take away from my relationship with the Lord. Some topics that will pop up include fear, friendships, and dreams.

Happy New Year to you, and don’t forget to thank the One Who blessed us with another!


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